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Dementia Care At VMRC

Dementia and memory loss: how we care for you

More than half of all Americans know someone with dementia, Alzheimer's disease or a memory loss disorder. At VMRC, we've coordinated programs, services and care for persons with memory loss under Memory Care at VMRC.

Memory Care at VMRC includes specialized programs and services for people with memory loss in Crestwood and Oak Lea nursing home neighborhoods. This all encompassing approach of specialty service and support for residents and family members is defined by these four elements:

Dedicated care and treatment

Specially trained staff provide caring and compassionate treatment. Our staff validate resident feelings and provide support within a therapeutic and safe environment. Specialists are available to assist with care of residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s and neurological disorders at any stage. Residents may benefit from behavioral coaching through interventions tailored specifically for those with memory loss.

Specially designed environment for social gatherings and privacy

Neighborhoods are designed with kitchenettes, social seating areas and shared family-style dining areas. These dining areas are intimate in size and feature a restaurant-style meal service coordinated within the family- style dining.

The neighborhood structure enhances dignity within a comfortable, safe and secure setting. Residents and their families can rest easier knowing a security system safe-guards residents who are prone to wander or have impaired judgment.

Focused services and programs for quality living

Caregivers provide personal attention that encourages residents’ independence and enhances their ability to maintain dignity, self-respect and a sense of control by performing personal care tasks. Caregivers build activities and conversation on residents’ current strengths, past interests and life experiences to create meaningful moments of joy.

Life enrichment programs are planned to meet residents’ physical, mental, emotional spiritual and psychosocial needs.

Special training for employees        

Staff on Memory Care neighborhoods learn current practices in working with elders with memory loss disorders. Our training is designed by and in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association with whom VMRC partners. VMRC also offers a Dementia Certification program for staff to become certified dementia specialists.

VMRC also serves as a resource to community members by offering memory loss programs and services through its comprehensive educational program and exclusive partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, Central and Western   Virginia Chapter. Memory Care at VMRC brings national and regional speakers and quality learning opportunities about Alzheimer’s diseases and related memory loss disorders to the community.

We understand the difficulty of watching the impact of a memory loss illness on a loved one. If you want a safe and nurturing environment with individualized care and attention, speak with our Memory Care sales staff at 540-564-3400. For more questions about dementia and how our programs can help your loved one, please call our staff specialist, Valda Garber-Weider (RN, MS, ALFA), at 540-564-3559.

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