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Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Values.

Our Vision is helping people Age Well. Our Mission is to care. Our Values are sincerely Mennonite.

Our Mennonite heritage and Mennonite values form the solid foundation on which we have established VMRC’s reputation as an innovative retirement community and nursing home of the future—the place where older adults can always Keep Giving, Keep Living, Keep Going, Keep Growing!

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision is for All people to Age Well in the place they call Home. Our focus is on innovation. It enables VMRC to respond to the ever-changing needs of older adults.

    Just like the wonderful people who live here, we don’t ever want to stagnate. Or to do things simply because that’s how they’ve always been done. We desire residents to Keep Giving, Keep Living, Keep Going, Keep Growing. VMRC's vision to help people Age Well, Live Fully enables that.

    New ideas, better ways of doing things, and a feeling of invigoration come from always dreaming of “what ifs” and “how abouts” and being open to each other’s suggestions. Our Woodland Park Green House Homes—the only ones of their kind in all of Virginia—are a perfect example of our desire to be trailblazers in nursing home innovation.

    We believe it is up to VMRC staff and residents to partner together and work hand in hand to create a continuing care retirement community atmosphere that represents the best that retirement living has to offer—to be the welcoming, nurturing, caring place we would each want to call home.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to be a leading resource in providing quality homes and services that people want and need to age well.

    How? By respecting and caring for our members as the unique individuals they are, empowering them to make their own choices about their lives, regardless of whether someone resides in our Independent Living home options, Memory Care community, or Complete Living Care 24-hour nursing home options. It’s all about the pursuit of happiness at VMRC.

    VMRC is also committed to fostering genuine, compassionate, lasting relationships among our staff, residents, and their families. We do this by creating and nurturing a solidly supportive and caring environment.

    VMRC is also dedicated to creating a culture of connectedness, where residents, their families, and the outside community can easily come together through our interwoven neighborhoods, events, classes, and daily moments of serendipity. When people move to VMRC and make it their home, they don’t give up their lives or lifestyles; they stay connected to the things they love. Part of our responsibility is to make connectedness virtually effortless.

  • Our Values

    Our Mennonite heritage and deep roots in Mennonite values guide our staff in treating residents, family members, and each other with respect and compassion.

    Mennonite values—and, therefore, VMRC Values—encompass:

    • Mennonite heritage of service
    • God’s love and compassion as expressed in the life and teachings of Jesus
    • Spirituality that fosters love, justice, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation
    • Community that embraces diversity
    • Life-giving relationships that balance independence and interdependence
    • Hope in each stage of life
    • Life-long learning and growth
    • Honest and open communication
    • Personal choice and human dignity
    • Quality that is seen and trusted
    • Benevolent and responsible stewardship

    VMRC, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, does not discriminate pursuant to the federal Fair Housing Act. VMRC is open to persons of all faiths, and all faith denominations are represented among our residents. About one-third of our residents are affiliated with Mennonite churches.


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