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The VMRC Foundation gathers financial support for VMRC’s mission of creating a community of hope, meaningful life and growth.

The VMRC Foundation seeks to fulfill the charitable mission of VMRC and offers various ways for you to support VMRC’s residents and the people who care for them.

Good Samaritan Fund is appropriately named for the person who makes financial provisions to care for a stranger as represented in the Gospel of Luke. This fund provides for residents who have outlived their financial resources and need assisted living or complete living care. The Good Samaritan Fund along with financial support from the community, churches,friends and families, provides peace and security to residents who otherwise face an uncertain future.

Reinvesting in Our Community is VMRC’S current campaign initiative to provide innovative, compassionate care, rooted in our Mennonite heritage and values. The priorities of the campaign include Transitional Care, Completing Woodland Park, Compassion Endowment and Nurse Education Endowment.

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