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Elder Exchange

Elder Exchange is a monthly resident-led academic forum discussing issues of faith and life. Each month, a thoughtful presentation is shared on a particular topic, followed by responders and group dialogue, to discern its resonance with vibrant Christian faith. 

Upcoming Schedule:

July 11 - “A 50-year Ecumenical Sojourn in Africa”
Harold Miller, Retired Mission/Service Worker, Harrisonburg, VA

August 8 - “Church and State in the Carolingian Era”
Carol Scheppard, Professor of Religion, Bridgewater College

September 12 - “A Silent Violence - Sexual Abuse in Mennonite and Plain Communities”
Carolyn Stauffer, Associate Professor Applied Social Science, Eastern Mennonite University

October 10 - “Infinitude: Implications for Trinitarian Theology”
Samuel Augsburger, Biomechanical Engineer, Lexington, KY

November 14 - “Confucius meets Menno: China’s Religious Resurgence and Search for Ethical Roots”
Myrrl Byler, China Cross-Cultural Leader, Eastern Mennonite University

December 19 (3rd Tuesday of December)“Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham”
Dick Fischer, President of Genesis Proclaimed Association, Washington, D.C.

January 9, 2020 - “Ontogeny: When Divine Image is Marred by Sin”
Roman Miller, Retired Biology Professor, Eastern Mennonite University,
Park Gables, VMRC

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“Life is an adventure and I am happy to discover new life here at VMRC.”

- Sadie Showalter