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Family Swim Benefit

Bring your family and friends to VMRC

Thursdays 3:00-4:30pm
Saturdays 10:00am-12:00pm

VMRC is delighted to have you as a member of the Wellness Center and are happy to gift each member with the family swim benefit. This benefit allows members to bring friends and family to the pool twice per week. 

Family Swim Guidelines:

  • Members are required to sign the Family Swim Liability Waiver and must include:
         - Member's Name
         - Guest Names
         - Total number of guests visiting with the member

  • Maximum of 5 guests per Membership are allowed during Family Swim
        i. If you are part of a Couple Membership, 5 guests are permitted in total
       ii .The first two guests are free.  $3.00 fee for each additional guest. 

  • Members must be present for guests to utilize the pool

  • Children must be actively supervised by adults when using the pool
         i. No running on pool deck
        ii. No excessive splashing, rough play, dunking, etc.
       iii. Playing on the Aqua Trend stations is prohibited
       iv. Feet first jumping is allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard
        v. Equipment must be put away when finished using it
       vi. Be courteous and aware of others using the pool

  • There will be no lap swimming during Family Swim

  • If the number of swimmers in the pool reaches an unsafe limit as deemed by the lifeguard, there will not be additional swimmers allowed in the pool until the number decreases. 

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“For us, volunteering gives us the opportunity to meet people from all areas of the VMRC campus and has broadened our perspective and understanding of the community we now call ‘home’.”

- Carter and Mary Ellen Lyons