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Fiscal Year 2021 Highlights

Highlights of Fiscal Year 2021 for the VMRC Foundation:
(unaudited numbers)

We celebrate the highlights of Fiscal Year 2021 for the VMRC Foundation (unaudited numbers):

  • Cash gifts totaling over $964,946.
  • 917 donors, giving 5,254 gifts contributed an average of $1,052 per donor.
  • Total cash gifts for Compassion Endowment of $323,732; and, an additional $1,290,000 in new planned gifts written (future gifts)
  • Four new families joined the Visionary Society.
  • Good Samaritan Fund and Compassion Endowment supported an average of 34 residents per month. We received over $284,661 toward Good Samaritan Fund.
  • The George B Showalter Giving Circle (donors who give $83.33 a month or $1000 per year for Good Samaritan Fund) now has 78 members
  • While we cancelled the golf benefit, Memory Care Endowment still received, $30,287 this past year.

VMRC Foundation Impact Grants
April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021 Unaudited

        $2,815         The Shenandoah Valley Lyceum
        $5,150         Staff Training
      $11,225          Covid Emergency Fund
      $15,135          John & Evelyn Nixon Heltzel Rehab
      $19,470         The Medical Nutritional Therapy
      $54,190         Memory CARE
    $102,055         Reinvesting Campaign Pledges
    $115,400         Park Village Solar
    $183,594         Miscellaneous Restricted Gifts
    $498,772         Good Samaritan Fund and Compassion Fund

$1,007,806        Total Impact Grants

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