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By the fall of 2017, long-term elder care will look a lot different on our campus. That is the expected completion of a $11 million expansion of Woodland Park.

  • Woodland Park

    Our philosophy of aging well and living fully guides our decisions. As the first retirement community in Virginia associated with the national Green House® Project, we believe that elders can experience more meaningful life when their complete living care is given in a real home.

    The idea of Real Home, along with Meaningful Life and Empowered Staff are core values behind the Green House Project, the folks advocating for less institutional-like homes for people as they age. And, they’re not the only ones saying this: market studies confirm that people who need long-term care prefer a setting that is as close as possible to home.

    Woodland Park is a ‘real home’ where individual routines are honored. Sleep patterns are respected. Meals are shared family style at a large table. Porches are accessible for early morning coffee and adjacent courtyards provide a place to grill burgers and enjoy late night s’mores around the fire pit. At Woodland Park, residents have real home and meaningful life.

    What is meaningful life? It depends who you ask. For ‘Homer’, it’s enjoying his morning coffee and reading after breakfast. For ‘Julia’, it’s working on a puzzle or watching movies. And you’ll find ‘Robert’ at the keyboard or visiting friends on Main Street in Park Gables. Residents in Woodland Park can travel around VMRC’s campus, and if needed, shuttle transportation is available.

    Woodland Park opened in January 2013 with the Showalter, Yoder and Warsack houses. Ten residents live in each home. In this next phase, each house will accommodate 11 people – all with private rooms and baths. Residents in Woodland Park are surrounded by people who care. Among these are the versatile caregivers who manage daily living activities, meal planning and preparation, laundry, and physical care while nurturing residents to pursue their interests and respecting their preferences.

    These versatile workers receive support from a clinical team made up of nurses, social workers, activities coordinators, therapists, nutritionists and a physician. Family members and friends are always welcome to visit and guests are encouraged to share a meal or stay overnight in the den – just like you’d expect in a home.

    VMRC is building five more Green Houses style homes in Woodland Park to accommodate residents needing ‘nursing home’ level of care. Construction will begin in July. Built as paired houses for social opportunities among residents, the first house to be completed will be a sister house to the Warsack House. That house and a Community Center will be ready by Spring 2017. The remaining four additional houses will be completed in the Fall.

    Some aspects of this construction project are being funded through gifts to the VMRC Foundation.

  • Transitional Care

    Our Short Term Nursing and Rehabilitation program will be a hub of activity after Woodland Park is completed. The new area will encompass nearly 4,000 square feet on the first floor of our Oak Lea building. Featuring 35 private rooms with private showers and sitting areas, an expanded rehabilitation therapy gym, an outdoor therapeutic walking path and dining, we’ll have everything you’ll need for a successful recovery. A new therapy gym will feature the latest devices and equipment so you can practice daily living skills.

    Whether you are transitioning from hospital to home or another destination, this new environment will make it easier to accomplish your goals.

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    Aspects of these construction projects are being funded through the generosity of donors and gifts to the VMRC Foundation.

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