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Memory Support

Compassionate Individualized Care

VMRC's memory support program, called Memory C.A.R.E., focuses on what a person can do and not what they can't.

Memory C.A.R.E:
Celebrating successes 
Affirming abilities 
Reframing relationships 
Experiencing moments of joy

The care we provide is highly individualized and multidimensional, with the goal of enriching daily life as much as possible. We learn what’s meaningful by learning each person’s life story.

VMRC also offers the right environment with the right security best suited for each individual’s needs. All three of our designated Memory C.A.R.E. neighborhoods are secure, small, cozy and intimate.

Our all-encompassing approach of service and support for residents and family members is defined by these key elements:

Specialized Training for VMRC Staff
Caregivers of people with memory loss and dementia require specialized skills— which can only come from distinctive and ongoing education. The curriculum for our Memory C.A.R.E. education includes exclusive teachings from Teepa Snow, Dementia consultant, certification from Teepa's Positive Approach to Care and the Alzheimer’s Association. Caregivers focus on abilities which remain in a person living with memory loss instead of focusing on what has been impaired by cognitive decline.

Continuity of Care
A unique advantage of VMRC Memory C.A.R.E. is our continuity of familiar team members. That’s because it’s an important stress-reliever to anyone with memory impairment to be surrounded by recognizable faces at all times.

Residence Options and Choices
We provide several residency options for those who are experiencing memory loss. Each option is designed to support varying levels of care and security needed throughout the memory loss journey. All three of our designated Memory C.A.R.E. neighborhoods are secure, cozy and intimate. Modeled after the warmth and design of a home, the bedrooms and bathrooms are private and all other spaces are shared.

Holistic Support for Residents
We help residents by creating opportunities for their success. Things that allow for a sense of accomplishment such as helping fold laundry, set a table, care for plants, assist at an event or participate in a modified Wellness Center class help memory care residents experience a continued sense of value and happiness. 

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“For us, volunteering gives us the opportunity to meet people from all areas of the VMRC campus and has broadened our perspective and understanding of the community we now call ‘home’.”

- Carter and Mary Ellen Lyons