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Secure Your Home While Traveling

December 10, 2019
Categories: Tips | Travel

Traveling this winter? Here are some easy tips to make sure that your home is prepared during your time away:

Keep things looking normal.

Making your home appear occupied when you’re away is an effective way to ward off burglars. Do you normally have someone maintain your lawn and landscaping? Keep this routine. If anyone is watching houses, they’ll notice if something is different.

Have a trusted friend or family member stop by every day or two to retrieve unexpected deliveries or door hangers. While you can put a hold on newspapers and mail, you can’t predict when random flyers or packages will be left at the front door.

Don't leave spare keys outdoors. Burglars know the most popular hiding places, like beneath mats and in potted plants. It’s better and safer to leave a key with a friend or family member.

Lock valuables in a safe.

Burglars know to check the bedroom for valuables. Put valuables somewhere unusual like a kitchen pantry, child’s bedroom or bathroom closet. If you don't already have your valuables in a safe deposit box, before you leave on a trip might be the time to do so.

Disconnect your garage door.

Garage door openers can sometimes be opened by universal remotes or a wire hanger. Unplug your automatic garage door opener and secure all entrances into the garage. Make sure to have at least a deadbolt lock between the garage and the house door.

Install a security system.

Having a security system will most definitely deter burglars, so advertise it! Post stickers near your most obvious entry points like your front and back door, as well as side doors off your garage.

Protect your house.

Set timers on interior lights. Better to have some illumination than to have an entire house dark for days. Don't allow your house to appear as if no one is home.

You never know if a power surge can occur, so be prepared. Disconnect the laptops, TVs, stereo, and other electronics, or make sure they are plugged into a surge protector.

Make sure pipes in areas such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces are insulated. In unusually cold weather, set your thermostat at 55 degrees or above. Ask a neighbor or trusted friend to stop by and check on the house and periodically turn on the faucets to ensure the pipes don't freeze.

Sound overwhelming? You’ll have peace of mind when you’re gone. Or, you could consider maintenance-free living at VMRC. We’ll take care of securing your home while you’re gone! No worries about whether you left on lights, cancelled your mail or watered your plants. Retirement living takes the worry out of home safety and security – especially when you travel. Contact Jefferson Burgess, jburgess@vmrc.org  to learn about becoming a member of the Priority Club – and get on the waitlist to move to VMRC.

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