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Pastimes Inspire Cold Weather Enjoyment

February 17, 2020
Categories: Our Community

Vic Berger

Since the age of 7, Vic Berger has enjoyed music. He started piano lessons at 9 years old when they were 75 cents a lesson. He went from playing piano to organ and has been playing organ in churches for the past 70 years.

Two years ago he moved to VMRC within two weeks of fellow musician Carter Lyons, a clarinet player. You can find Vic and Carter regularly entertaining residents with musical selections on Main Street – VMRC’s interconnected, climate-controlled hallway.

“I love this layout,” Vic said of VMRC’s campus. “Everything is inside so you don’t have to go outside; that’s a big plus for us. There could be a foot of snow on the car; I don’t care.”

Clair Basinger avoids getting cabin fever in the middle of winter by keeping busy. Clair reads a lot, cooks, plays Wii bowling and enjoys his trainset – an HO model he is reconstructing. “It’s slow going,” he said with a laugh.

He plans to set it up in his cottage home in Park Village on two 2x10 boards and put a “stream” between them.

Clair said he feels “thankful and blessed” to enjoy life at VMRC. He enjoys nature and travel, so VMRC’s location and proximity to Skyline Drive makes it easy for him to visit family and enjoy beautiful scenery – even during winter months.

Marian Rohne enjoys sewing, knitting - anything that involves the mind and hand. “Mainly drawing, painting and sewing,” she said.

Marian will have lived at VMRC four years in February originally moving to VMRC so that her husband, Jim could receive the health care that he required. While he received assisted living care the interconnected campus enabled Marian to visit him every day without ever having to go outside.

“The top reason we chose VMRC was its excellent reputation for dementia care. And, the ease of traveling from Park Gables to Crestwood via Main Street was a blessing.”

Another reason they chose VMRC was the National Juried Art Show featured each June in VMRC’s Park Gables Gallery. Marian happened to view it during one of their campus visits and was impressed by its quality. She now enjoys the company of other VMRC resident artists who gather to work on their art and be inspired by “like-minded strivers.”

“Without art in my life, I wouldn’t have known some of the joys I’ve experienced,” said Marian. “Art gives insight into things that pure fact cannot reveal.”

To discover how you might benefit from living at VMRC, contact Jefferson Burgess, our director of Community Sales, at 540-437-4360.


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