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Staying Connected During COVID-19

April 2, 2020
Categories: Our Community

Day to day life looks a little different everywhere right now and VMRC is no different. The health and safety of residents and staff is our top priority so we’re following all recommendations for social distancing and sheltering in place while still recognizing the importance of connection for physical and emotional health. So what are we doing to keep residents engaged with friends, family and the VMRC community? Read on to learn more about the ways we’re connecting.

The Wellness and Community Based Services team has taken on the new role of production crew! This group is recording daily Community Updates with VMRC leadership, Devotionals and Bible Studies with the VMRC Chaplains and Fitness Classes with the Wellness Center staff. The broadcasts are aired daily on one of VMRC’s internal television channels. These daily videos allow staff and residents to still engage with one another and fulfill social and physical health needs that are so important.

In Supportive Living, the Life Enrichment team is doing an incredible job of utilizing technology like Skype and FaceTime so that residents are still able to talk with and see their loved ones. For many family members, they just want to see their loved one and know they’re ok. Resident photos are being shared on Facebook or through email featuring handwritten messages that range from the sweet to the silly. Although nothing can compare to in-person visits, the ability to interact in so many ways is a boost to the emotional well-being of residents and their families.  Group activities have been replaced with one-on-one staff and resident projects, allowing for beneficial connection while still heeding the need for social distancing and limited contact.

Independent Living residents are using their ingenuity, too, to both connect and pass the time while sheltering in place. Hallway hymn sings and daily phone or video chats with friends and family are among the ways they are staying in touch. Many are reading and writing more and using the time to embrace the solitude and connect with God. Exercise is still a staple of many daily routines with outdoor walking encouraged so long as social distancing is observed. Still others are taking advantage of the extended time at home to complete projects and focus on long put-off organizing and cleaning out.

We are all navigating the unfamiliar and while it can be a challenge, we’re also witnessing many examples of the VMRC community coming together to ensure the social, emotional and physical well-being of residents is a top priority and being met during this time.

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“The response from the VMRC community of staff and residents has been quite welcoming.  We've enjoyed meeting friends old and new which has been very enriching.”

- New VMRC Resident, 2018