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Meet Rebecca Kline - Director of Nursing

May 11, 2020
Categories: Our Community

Rebecca Kline began her position as Director of Nursing in February. In the midst of learning the ins and outs of a new job, the Coronavirus pandemic began, adding an unexpected and uncharted layer to her new role. Read on to learn a little more about how she’s handled the transition and about her background.

What drew you to VMRC?

I have lived in the Harrisonburg/Rockingham County area all of my life and have always known VMRC as a pillar for quality of care. I have been working in long term care since 2005 and working in nursing leadership for the last 13 years. I honestly was not looking for a career change when I saw the Director of Nursing position posted, but when I saw the opening, I felt led to explore it. I know that God opens doors when He is leading us and I have felt that from the time I completed my application. Throughout my career in healthcare, I have always valued the reputation VMRC has in our community. I feel strongly that this Christ-centered organization and my enthusiasm for providing excellent customer service to both the residents and employees helped me feel like VMRC and I are a good fit.

You started your new position soon before the COVID-19 pandemic began. What’s that been like for you and how has it affected your role?

I started my new position in February. I was just starting to learn some of the basics like the personalities of my team members, what faces go with which names, where the bathrooms are and how to get from one building to another. Then COVID-19 started. I have to admit; it has been a real challenge. This is only my third job in the last 15 years and I’ve never had to hit the ground running quite like this. There are lots of challenging things about starting a new job during a pandemic. One challenge has been change. As COVID-19 evolved, it required rapid changes in policies, practices and routines. When you start a new job, it can be difficult to learn how and why things are done a certain way, but when you add the changes related to a pandemic, it is truly epic. Despite that challenge, I think navigating COVID has allowed my relationships to quickly develop with the other leaders within VMRC. I am thankful for those opportunities to work as a team, pull our strengths together and serve our residents and this community.  

As director of nursing, what are some goals you have for VMRC?

The values of Woodland Park, “Real Home, Meaningful Life and Empowered Staff” completely encompass the vision I have. One of my goals is to continue to foster those values while applying my knowledge of quality measures and performance improvement in long term care to help to continue to nurture its growth.

And a fun question - If you weren’t working in this field, what do you think you would be doing?

I’m not sure if this is a real job, but if I could use my imagination a bit, my dream job might be a Vacation Destination Secret Shopper.  Imagine the places I’d go.  I would probably specialize in travel locations that are tropical with plenty of sun and sand.

About Rebecca:

Rebecca grew up in Rockingham County and graduated from Broadway High School. She obtained her Licensed Practical Nurse designation from Massanutten Technical Center in 2005 and graduated from Blue Ridge Community College in 2012 as a Registered Nurse.  She and her husband live in Singers Glen and have 3 beautiful children, Aydan, 16 and twins Echo and Iris who will be 14 this month.  The family shares their home with four dogs and two cats.  They attend church at Mt. Zion Church of the Brethren in Linville.  Some of Rebecca’s favorite hobbies include crafting, traveling, camping, kayaking and hanging out with family. 

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