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Refurbished Items Find New Home

September 4, 2020
Categories: Our Community

For residents moving to VMRC, having the option to choose cabinetry, flooring and fixtures is an exciting way of making their new home uniquely their own. But what becomes of the items removed from the residence? According to Greg Nesselrodt, VMRC’s director of Construction Management, a majority of items find a new home through partnerships with community groups and non-profits.

VMRC partners with a local carpenters guild that collects refurbished items and uses them to repair the homes of those who otherwise couldn't afford it. Copper pipes and aluminum siding are common items the guild collects for re-use. If donated items can’t be used in a repair project, the group will sell what they don’t need to purchase what they do, so virtually nothing goes to waste. Another VMRC partner group, Sharing With Appalachian People (SWAP) is a service program of Mennonite Central Committee. SWAP repairs the homes of those in need in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky and builds relationships with people in the Appalachian region at the same time.

Local organizations Mercy House and Gift and Thrift are also recipients of refurbished items, as well as the VMRC Bargain Center. The Bargain Center is open to residents and staff with all proceeds benefitting VMRC’s Emergency Employee Fund. In 2019, the fund supported 11 employees with $6865.00 distributed.

Sharing these resources is central to VMRC’s mission and we’re grateful for these opportunities to give to our community and beyond.

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