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Supportive Living at VMRC

March 12, 2021
Categories: Our Community

VMRC offers several types of supportive living with varying levels of care and support. We recently sat down with the marketing manager for Supportive Living, Victoria Beahm, to learn more about each option. Over the ten years she has worked in this role, Victoria has helped numerous residents, families and those in the outside community navigate the options available and make the best decision for themselves or a loved one. 

Q: What is Supportive Living at VMRC? 

Supportive Living at VMRC has 3 different services that offer support to a resident - Transitional Care, Assisted Living, and Complete Living Care.

Transitional Care is a short-term rehabilitation option available after a hospitalization. Patients who come to Transitional Care from the hospital receive therapy and nursing support while they work towards returning to their prior level of care.

Assisted Living and Complete Living Care are residential settings where residents live. Both settings offer private living spaces with different amounts of care support.

Q: How does an individual or family decide if they or their loved one needs Assisted Living or Complete Living Care?

The amount of support needed with activities of daily living helps determine the level of care needed. Some questions to consider as you make your decision are:

- Do I or does my loved one need assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, or using the bathroom?

- Do I or does my loved one need assistance to safely transfer from a bed to a chair? 

- Do I or does my loved one need assistance to ambulate independently (with or without an assistive device)?

- Do I or does my loved one regularly need 1 or 2 persons to help with these tasks?

- Do I or does my loved one have a medical need that needs routine oversight of a nurse?

If the answer is yes to most of these questions, then Complete Living Care (commonly known as Long-Term Care) would likely be the most appropriate care setting.

Q: What are the differences between Assisted Living and Complete Living Care?

The goal of Assisted Living is to provide support when needed and allow the resident to continue to live as independently as they can. Depending on preferences, there are three different room styles with varying square footage to choose from. All of the rooms at VMRC are private living spaces with private bathrooms. Assisted Living also has designated Memory Care neighborhoods for residents living with cognitive impairment.

In Complete Living Care, residents have 24-7 support for all care needs. In this setting, the resident-to-staff ratio is more concentrated, allowing for a higher level of support. At VMRC, all Complete Living Care rooms are private rooms with private bathrooms.

In both settings, residents enjoy peace of mind knowing that daily tasks such as managing medications, doing laundry and housekeeping, and preparing meals are being taken care of for them.

Staff working in Supportive Living at VMRC are on consistent assignment, meaning that residents receive care from the same staff members regularly. This has been proven to increase familiarity with residents’ preferences and needs and strengthens the relationships between our staff and both residents and families.

Additionally, opportunities to enjoy outdoor spaces, socialization and a number of daily activities are available for all residents in Assisted Living and Complete Living Care.

Understanding the types of supportive living available doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. While every individual situation is unique, there is an option available to help you or your loved one thrive and continue to live with dignity.






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