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National Juried Art Exhibition Director Transitions

June 11, 2021
Categories: Our Community

The 18th Annual Juried Art Exhibition is underway in VMRC’s Park Gables Gallery. A signature event, the exhibition draws artists from across the country and features more than 100 works in a variety of mediums.

This year’s exhibition feels particularly special for several reasons. It is the first event the public has been invited to attend since before COVID-19. Seeing visitors once again enjoying the gallery and VMRC’s Main Street is a welcome sight, and a much anticipated one.

This year is also the final year for the long-time director, Anne Pauley, to head up the show. The exhibition has been under Anne’s direction for fifteen years.

She said, “The experience of being director introduced me to a fascinating new world and brought long-distance friendships with artists I will only know through their work and correspondence.”

Over the years, the exhibition has grown from a regional show to a national one. Anne said, “In my time as director, only five states have not been represented in the exhibition – Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and South Dakota.”

Taking over the duties of director next year is VMRC resident and artist, Dave Shombert.

“I want to see the exhibition continue to grow and thrive. I especially look forward to learning more about art and artist outside my own medium,” said Dave.

He continued, “I was present at the jurying session this year and just listening to the jurors’ discussion was profoundly enlightening for me. I see the exhibition as an important part of a healthy art scene in Harrisonburg and a vital part of life for VMRC residents and their families.”

Moving on from director of the show is bittersweet for Anne but she is excited for its future.

“I hope the show will continue to grow and that we are helping to replace the perception that art is for the elite with the knowledge that art is for everyone.”

The National Juried Art Exhibition will be on display through June 30. It is available for viewing online or on a limited in-person basis each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. To reserve a time to visit, sign-up at the link below:


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