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VMRC Introduces On-site Nurse Aide Training

August 6, 2021
Categories: Our Community

VMRC launched a new in-house education program in July to provide on-site Nurse Aide training to current employees and external candidates. In exchange for tuition, participants agree to work at VMRC for a minimum of one year and obtain necessary licensing within a designated timeframe.

With a goal of being an employer of choice, VMRC is continually looking for innovative ways to attract and retain candidates. Laura Anderson-Knight, human resources specialist, said, “We’re excited to offer the Nurse Aide program opportunity at VMRC to further invest in employees’ professional and personal growth. Human Resources has received numerous inquiries from people in the broader community expressing their interest in the program, so we hope to offer another training soon.”

An inaugural cohort of five aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants was welcomed into the intensive 4-week program. Classes led by instructor Jan Emswiler included lectures, lab demonstrations and hands-on clinical training. “Nurse-aide students completed clinical hours on-site, providing the perfect opportunity to establish rapport and relationships between students and residents/patients,” said Laura.

Class participant Serenity Friend had this to say of the program, “It was a great experience and opportunity to get to know people at VMRC and to see what an amazing community it is!” She continued, “It’s also a jump-start for learning more about nursing and will help me make the decision to continue on this path or eventually go to nursing school.”

Haley Ritchie worked in VMRC’s dining department before making the move to the program. She said, “It’s really amazing to have the opportunity to move from one department to another and to receive our training on site.”

Congratulations to each of the graduates of VMRC’s inaugural nurse aide program: Patience Cox, Serenity Friend, Jenny Housden, Haley Ritchie, Bailey Smith, and Jenny Housden.

 Pictured L to R: Bailey Smith, Patience Cox, Jenny Housden, Serenity Friend and Haley Ritchie.

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“The response from the VMRC community of staff and residents has been quite welcoming.  We've enjoyed meeting friends old and new which has been very enriching.”

- New VMRC Resident, 2018