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September 9, 2021
Categories: Our Community

“At 24 years old, I never thought I would live in a retirement community but here I am, and so far, I love it!” said Micaela Vickers.

Micaela, an AmeriCorps volunteer, moved to Harrisonburg in August to work with the Central Valley Habitat for Humanity. In need of somewhere to live during her year-long assignment, she was referred to Scott Kleist, VMRC’s Vice President of Technology and Facilities and Habitat for Humanity Board Member. Scott, along with other members of VMRC’s executive team, was happy to oblige the request and offer an affordable apartment to Micaela in VMRC’s Park Village.

Scott said, “VMRC is a community of hope, meaning and growth for people to age well and live fully. Habitat, too, provides hope, meaning and growth for families in our community by offering an opportunity for homeownership for those who may otherwise not have the resources to do so on their own.”

Service, stewardship, justice and compassion are core tenets of VMRC and having the opportunity to support a volunteer who will no doubt have a positive impact on multiple families in the time she’s here allows us to put our values into action.

Micaela has a passion for her work with Habitat for Humanity that was cultivated over three week-long spring break trips with her engineering program’s Spring Break Collegiate Challenge.

She said, “The construction manager and crew gave me more responsibility each year and made me feel like I was really helping the community. I knew from those three weeks of experience over the past three summers that I wanted to work for Habitat for Humanity full time.”

She continued, “With my engineering technology and management degree from Ohio University and the experience I’m gaining as an AmeriCorps construction crew leader, I want to eventually work for Habitat full time as a construction manager.”

As for living at VMRC, Micaela is enjoying getting to know her neighbors and said, “I was surprised to learn how many people are walking or riding their bikes during almost every hour of the day! I’ve loved meeting people as I’m out walking my dog and look forward to getting to know even more.”


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