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June Is Men’s Health Month—Get Involved!

June 22, 2022
Categories: Health

Did you know there’s a month entirely dedicated to raising awareness for issues affecting the health and wellness of men?

See our list of simple things to do to be active and aware this month and all year long.  

  1. Spread the word and make sure every man in your life is living well. Making healthy food choices, staying proactive about health concerns and focusing on physical activity are some simple yet effective ways to live well.

  2. Early screenings! Maintaining health screenings on schedule not only saves money in the long run but can also save your life and/or make life easier to manage if diseases are caught early on.

  3. Exercise! It's summer – the perfect time to get outside and get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, as is recommended by the CDC. Exercise has been shown to improve overall physical health and has notable mental health benefits. VMRC offers many ways to stay active from the Wellness Center to the Golf Association to the outdoor walking trails.

  4. Educate yourself or the men in your life. There are many resources at www.menshealthresourcecenter.com to educate about the diseases men are at risk for, especially as they age.

  5. Remember that anyone can assist in the men’s health movement, and help is not limited by gender. Anyone can be supportive and help men make that first step towards a better life. Everyone should be an ally!

Adapted with permission from menshealthmonth.org

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