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A Career Journey Featuring Amanda Morris

July 27, 2022
Categories: Our Community

When Amanda Morris started working at VMRC nearly fifteen years ago, she did not know the career journey she was beginning.

Amanda, now the Housekeeping and Laundry manager, came to VMRC as a CNA working pro re nata on the weekends. Realizing how much she valued and enjoyed the work, Amanda eventually moved to a part-time position and then to full-time with the opening of Woodland Park.

She said, “Woodland Park was an awesome experience. All the residents were wonderful but one stands out in particular — Fern. She didn’t have children of her own and kind of took me in as an adopted daughter. We had a very special bond and she even came to my wedding.”

Wanting to keep growing and learning, Amanda shifted gears in 2018, accepting the position of medical supply clerk. While in that role, she learned about budgeting and the importance of keeping a steady supply of necessary items on hand.

Although she enjoyed the work of a medical supply clerk, Amanda strived for something more and had her sights set on the next step. She said, “I know the importance of having a good supervisor and wanted to be in a management position so that I could have a part in making staff feel appreciated and happy at work.”

With a certificate in Hospitality and Tourism from Triplett Tech, it made sense for Amanda to apply for the Housekeeping and Laundry Manager position when it became available earlier this year. In this role, she is able to use all the skills she’s honed at VMRC and work closely with both residents and staff.

When asked what has kept her at VMRC for almost a decade and a half, Amanda said, “It’s all about the relationships you make. The residents are the number one reason I enjoy working at VMRC but the people I work with make it enjoyable, too. Having a supervisor who wants to help me grow as a person is also important.”

She continued, “Opportunity is always there, but you must be willing to go for it and not give up on your goal. Anyone can be a successful leader if they have passion, are determined and are in it for the right reasons.”

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