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The Green House Philosophy / Model ®

The Green House® approach is a radically new, non-institutional model that reinvents the experience of long-term care for elders in Woodland Park.  Elders receive needed care in small homes that meet all required state and federal regulatory and reimbursement criteria for licensure as skilled nursing facilities.

What is a Shahbaz?

The Shahbazim (plural form of Shahbaz) will provide care to the elders living in Woodland Park home.  Their primary role is to protect, sustain, and nurture the elders by providing assistance with activities of daily living and meeting others needs as required. The core goal of the Shahbazim’s work is to provide assistance in a manner that promotes a high quality of life and a positive elderhood. The responsibilities of the Shahbazim include care of the elders and the laundry, and light housekeeping.  The Shahbaz is a member of a self-directed work team and is responsible for coordinating aspects of the team’s work (members of the self-directed work team assumes rotating coordinators’ responsibilities).

Workforce Redesign

The Green House® model reorganizes staff and flattens the hierarchy of the traditional nursing home.  The centerpiece of this reorganization is the shahbaz – the manager of the home and a care partner to the residents. The shahbazim work in self-directed teams and perform responsibilities including cooking, housekeeping, laundry, and other activities.

Shahbazim are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) who receive additional education in safe food handling, household operations, and first aid.

Each self-directed team partners with a clinical support team (including licensed nursing staff) to develop and support an individualized care plan for each resident.  The self-directed shahbaz team and the clinical team report to a leadership team that provides coaching and accountability.

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“To be a participant in the Village has given me less stress in property maintenance and upkeep plus the bonus of more time to travel and offer some time in volunteer adventures.”

- Harley Showalter