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Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Values.

A community - a destination - to live fully

Experience our authentic, vibrant community which offers hope, meaning and growth to people as they age. Our Mennonite heritage forms the basis for the care we extend to residents and each other. Our campus is a hub of activity, where people of all ages can Keep Giving, Keep Living, Keep Going, Keep Growing!

  • Our Vision

    We see the opportunity to be a destination hub for those who want to age well in vibrant, authentic community. When you come to VMRC, you can come to live, to serve, to experience and to learn. Our community life of vibrancy and resiliency focuses on a culture of well-being – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and socially. All who want to keep going and keep growing, can!

  • Our Mission

    We believe we can be that community of hope, meaning and growth for people to age well and live fully.

    Residents are engaged and enjoy our wellness, social and educational opportunities and venues. In our long-term care community, Woodland Park residents experience ongoing improved clinical and quality of life outcomes.

    We create and nurture solidly supportive and caring environments to foster genuine, compassionate relationships among staff, residents and their families.

    Our community comes together through our interwoven neighborhoods, events, classes, and daily moments of serendipity. When people move to VMRC and make it their home, they don’t give up their lives or lifestyles; they stay connected to the things they love. Part of our responsibility is to make meaningful life effortless.

  • Our Values

    We've identified core values rooted in our Mennonite heritage and reputation to lead.

    Our Values encompass:

    • Heritage - We are Christ-centered, rooted in our Anabaptist heritage of stewardship, service, justice and compassion
    • Innovation - We are inspired to think and lead creatively
    • Authenticity - We are sustained by honest, caring, diverse relationships

    VMRC does not discriminate pursuant to the federal Fair Housing Act. VMRC is open to persons of all faiths, and all faith denominations are represented among our residents. Only one-third of our residents are affiliated with Mennonite churches.


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