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Rock Steady Boxing Rocktown at VMRC 

Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact boxing program that can reduce, reverse or delay the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. The program is designed for those who are experiencing initial symptoms of Parkinson's and for those who have received a diagnosis. Classes are tailored to participants symptoms and abilities and include stretching, balance, agility, coordination, endurance and strength exercises and non-contact boxing drills.  Participants in the program will begin with an individual assessment by a certified Rock Steady Boxing coach and by completing a health history questionnaire. 

Class coaches/instructors are members of the Wellness Center Fitness Team and Randy Simpson, owner of Rock Steady Boxing Rocktown. All instructors are certified and the lead coach has a Master’s in Human Movement Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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For more information, including pricing structure, contact the VMRC Wellness Center at 540.574.3850. 

Brain Health
Meets Thursdays, January  24-March 7 at 9:45 a.m. 
Wellness Center Activity Studio

Current science suggests to achieve sharper thinking and ward memory loss, we must practice better health habits across the three main dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional health. Pursuing activities that promote engagement in all these areas- such as getting regular exercise, playing games that test our ability to “think fast,” stretching our minds with new intellectual pursuits, and staying socially connected-are all paths to better brain fitness. This class will be, hands-on and socially engaging, and will teach us the tools to use to help keep us sharp and maintain brain vitality over our lifetime. Open to all residents and Wellness Center members.

Sign up by calling the Wellness Center at 540-574-3850. 

Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop 
Meets Mondays, January 28-March 4 at 1:30 p.m.

Wellness Center Activity Studio

Yes! You can take control of your health, do the things you want to do and have a better quality of life, even with a chronic health condition. Caregivers, family members and significant others are also welcome to attend. 

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